10 Things you didn’t know about Kenikodjo

  1. I never know how a story will end when I start it.
  2. Sometimes I have the end figured- with no idea about how the story builds up to that climax.
  3. I had never written a story before my first blog post (wrote a play once for my university choir though).
  4. I write all my blog posts and manage the Facebook page for the blog from my phone.
  5. Once I decide on the content of a story, I can’t focus on anything else until I have finished writing it.
  6. The names for the characters just come to me when I write (and sometimes I name them after my friends to make them feel special 😀 )
  7. Sometimes I get upset with the behaviour of some of the characters- like Abeiku in Three is a crowd. (Yes, I do know I created them)
  8. I would never have started this blog if it wasn’t for my Facebook friends.
  9. I get surprised at the kind of people that read the stories- people from all walks of life, even Trinidad and Tobago (I don’t know anybody there!)
  10. I do a little dance in my heart anytime I see you share a link to one of the stories, leave a comment, like a post, etc. (I have the most amazing readers)


I am lucky, coz I love what I do!

28 thoughts on “10 Things you didn’t know about Kenikodjo

  1. I currently got to know about your blog and I’m coming on Facebook to find something to read when I’m bored. I’m not a reader but I think I’m loving it…….. Your work is amazing😇


  2. hiya!..saw one of ur stories on Ben’s blog (goldinwords.com) and ive bn a fan since. Always looking up to smfin new from you..keep doing do u kenikodjo (cuz u just awesome)..:)


  3. now i feel like i know the mind behind the stories. They are so real it and the style of writing is simple, easy to relate with and give life to the story. i am impressed keni. But i tell you, point no 11 is i am working on my first novel…lol


  4. Just came across “Don’t judge me” pt.1 shared by Manasseh (another writer I follow because of his stories, my favorite being his trip to Obamalamd..lol) on his Facebook page, quickly read it and was thinking I hope there is a pt. 2 somewhere. I of course dashed over to your blog site and found it…Yay!! Keep it it up!!!


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