I almost called..

Inspired by a song I accidentally heard today..


I almost called today

To say I was sorry

But I didn’t have the nerve to,

Or maybe it was pride.

I can’t tell the difference these days.

I know I should have called earlier,

But there were too many barriers-

Your mother, our many differences,

The things we both said to each other that I know we didn’t mean.

It’s a lot to work through, isn’t it?

I hope you know I miss you.

I won’t admit it to your face, but I hope you can sense it- how empty my life is without you in it.

You used to know me so well, so I am sure you can imagine how much I do miss you.

Every time I use the Haatso-Dome route, I think of you and what could have been.

Do you remember we used to fantasize about living there?

The Indomie woman still asks of you.

I know I don’t have a right to ask, but do you still like your fufu hard?

Are you still scared of spiders? Do you still sleep in on Sundays?

I finally got my driver’s license. You should see me reverse!

Sometimes I hear you laughing in my mind’s ear;

It creeps up so suddenly on me that I can’t help but just freeze.

Last night I dreamt about you, probably because of the rain.

When I woke up, I thought about what we had,

And what could have been,

If I hadn’t messed it up.

I couldn’t help but think,

‘What if?’



38 thoughts on “I almost called..

  1. Lovely one there,Keni!!!! Life is filled with countless numbers of ‘what if’s’. Happy anniversary to us. Cheers:-) !!!


  2. “Every time I use the Haatso-Dome route, I think of you and what could have been….”……..ei…….madam ……..u really love adventures……………God got u ayt ………so no fears…..Happy one year anniversary. luvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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