Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces

I know you are probably thinking ‘How can Akpene leave Capital High?!’ I know it changes the way you imagined that the series would end. I must admit that I am totally enjoying listening to your varied ย reactions and suggestions on how to end the series. Shoutouts to the two ladies who offered me chocolate to make sure that I don’t end the series ๐Ÿ˜‰ This week’s episode is dedicated to my latest nephew. Welcome to the world, little one. May you grow to be as sweet as K Beck! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Christoff yanked the blanket off K Beck’s face.

‘You need to get it together. It sucks but she is not coming back and she doesn’t want you to find her. The earlier you come to terms with that, the better for all of us.’

K Beck’s eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he had not had a bath in ages. He had barely slept that night. It wasn’t a dream- she was really gone. And here he was, shedding tears into his pillow when he thought nobody was watching.It had been a painful night and he had thought long and hard about everything. It still didn’t make sense.

‘How do you know she doesn’t want me to find her?’

‘Forget about it.’

‘No, tell me.’

‘You look like crap. Telling you will just make you feel worse.’

‘Just tell me!’

‘Ok, she knew you would try to find her so she told me to tell you not to. She said it would be easier for both of you that way.’

‘Wait, what? She had time to speak to everyone else about this except me? Why didn’t she tell me? Why didn’t you stop her?’

‘She knew you would try to stop her. I tried to get her to stay but her mind was made up. You know how strong and obstinate she can be.’

‘Trust me, I know. Her stubbornness is the reason why we are here. I was looking forward to our first Valentine’s Day together. I mean I was going to flood her bed with balloons, send her chocolates, fresh bread and a giant teddy bear called K Beck- the whole princess treatment thing. You know, make up for the sadness she has endured. She just had to mess that up. I should be angry with her, but all I am thinking about is whether or not she is ok.’

‘Love does that to people mehn!

‘Why do you always have to sound so wise? Is that all she said?’

‘No, she told me to take care of you too.’

Gagert was waiting for him. She knew that if he was anything like his father, he would try to reach Akpene. Her heart was aching for him especially because it all felt like a dรฉjร  vu. This reminded her painfully of when she had broken up with his father. He had spent several weeks trying to get her to change her mind. She still regretted saying no to him and that’s why she tried to speak to Akpene.

‘You don’t have to leave, Akpene.’

‘I want to. It will make me feel better.’

‘Sure about that? It looks like it would break your heart to leave him behind.’

‘It is not about him.’

‘Then why are you spending so much time in making sure that he doesn’t contact you?’

‘Because he will make it harder. I need to think about the future. That future might have anything to do with him. I need to be ready for that. Having him in my life has made me so vulnerable. Being vulnerable for a girl like me who comes from nothing is not a good thing. I need this.’

‘Ok, I respect your decision. The Welbeck men sure know how to mess with your emotions.’

‘You were in a situation like this?’

‘Yes I was. A long long time ago…’

Just as she predicted, K Beck walked into her office as soon as it was time for first break.

‘I know you won’t tell me where she is or how I can reach her. But please promise me that you will tell me if she is ok.’

‘She is ok.’

‘How do you know for sure? She can put up a brave face if she has to.’

‘Trust me. She is being taken care of.’

‘Thank you for doing this.’

She smiled at him, being all mature and caring about the girl he loved. She knew better than to rubbish his feelings. She knew all too well what it meant to be loved by a Welbeck.

Lawrencia stared at the pink leather bound Bible beside her pillow and smirked.

The great Reverend himself is coming today.

It had been two weeks since the whole fiasco. She had been in and out of the hospital twice. The most interesting discovery was that she had not lost the baby. When the doctor told her, she didn’t know whether to be happy or be sad.

‘Could you please say that again?’

‘I said, you did not lose the baby. I am looking at it now in the scan. You almost did, but you didn’t.’

‘God must really have a sense of humour. He makes the whole world hear about my deeds, makes me this sick and then keeps the baby alive.’

‘Sounds to me like you did that all by yourself.’

‘Now you sound like my parents.’

When she finally met with Gagert, she was surprised that she was as receptive as she was.

‘This doesn’t add up.’

‘My being gentle with you? Make no mistake, you will be punished for your wrongs. I just want to speak to your family first to ensure that they don’t punish you even further.’

‘Then you don’t know my parents. They will bundle me off to some prayer camp in the mountains where some prayer papas will attempt to uproot the spirit of Jezebel from within me. They will probably pray the baby out of my womb if they can- probably because they believe it is satanic or something. And for the rest of my life, my illegitimate child will have to pay for my sins. So trust me when I say I have been acquainted with punishments like that all my life.’

When Lawrencia’s father stepped into her office, Gagert immediately understood what she meant. He had a protruding pot belly, with the locket on his gold cross chain resting on his stomach . He had three elders following him, each ย of them with a gold cross and a pot belly. They looked at Lawrencia as though she was the devil himself .
‘We are taking her away for a while.’
Gagert caught Lawrencia’s I told you so look. She spoke up.
‘We are not dismissing her. She will be allowed to attend classes and live a normal life until she is ready to deliver.’

‘Did you say deliver ? That baby is going back to wherever it came from. I will not be ridiculed for bad parenting.’
‘Respectfully Sir, if you had been a good parent in the beginning, we would not have been having this conversation.’

Awula knew K Beck was hurting and she knew it was because of Akpene. She felt helpless because she knew there was nothing that she could do to make him feel better.

Yes, she still liked him but she had come to the realization that his heart belonged to Akpene. As fate would have it, she wanted someone she could not have, who in turn wanted someone else. The first time she had seen K Beck and Akpene together, she thought they were just good friends until she had caught a glimpse of the tender look in K Beck’s eyes whenever he was talking to Akpene. As her mother used to say, ‘You can’t fight true love.’

But now that Akpene was gone and didn’t want to be found, she found herself looking for the silver lining in this cloud.

Afrakuma could not believe that she was actually leaving Capital High. She had always thrived on the illusion that she was untouchable and could get away with anything. Until yesterday… It felt as though her cup was full. She had expected mercy because of her history with Gagert, but she had learnt the hard way.

She stuffed her duvet into the jute bag and ignored the questions that her dorm mates were asking her.

‘Ah but why are you leaving?’

‘Gagert said I should.’


‘Why, what did you do?’

‘I can’t say.’

‘I am really surprised. I did not expect that at all!’
‘With Gagert, always expect the unexpected.’
See you next week for our final episode! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ

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29 thoughts on “Capital High Ep15: Picking up the pieces

  1. Akpene hmmmm. She has broken my heart. Ahhh.. I’m touched. She leaves just like that. True love hurts. But I hope k beck finds her either way. He can’t end up like his daddy in losing the love of his life. That just means these men are doomed to heartbreak.
    Lawrencia’s daddy is funny. I’m sure like most parents he will get over the pregnancy fiasco.


  2. Awww #sniff sniff
    I’m could Akpene just leave? Anyway most of these high school love stories don’t end up in marriage though.
    By the way Keni, is K Beck grown now? I want to look for him and ask him out.๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Voting done.keep doing you


  3. Miss Keni,
    i honestly don’t see how this series can possibly end next week. But since you say it will i guessing it will be in one of these two ways:
    a) with a broken heart for the K. Beck and Akpene fanclub
    b) in a super summarized manner (which i know isn’t Kenikodjo)
    c) with a promise of a sequel (Dr. Welbeck and Sis Akpene)
    Capital High may end but i sure hope we get a sequel. At least for K. Beck and Akpene.
    Good job though.


  4. Keni, please find a way to write K Beck and Akpene back together. History cannot repeat itself for the Welbeck men. Treacherous Awula does not derserve him ..talking about silver linings..KMT.


  5. Hmmmmmm Hmmmm Lawrencia’s situation reminds me of myself alot. My dad wasn’t strict but the church was & I came from a family where every single woman gets preggers before marriage. It was a huge burden on me… I must say every thing I did was criticized by the church.. My dad would just keep silent & the church elders will just judge all they want. I learnt to turn deaf ears on them & now that Im all grown up, the church elders stopped being judgy towards me cos it was obvious I wasn’t taking a hoot of their advice. And here I am, not a baby mama but defo on the big career path. This must be my fave episode yet.

    P.S: Does Capital High have to end now? Now that I have found love myself, K Beck & Akpene’s love is speaking to the deepest part of my heart.. Do reconsider & dun do the sequel. As a Bookworm, sequels never leave up to the original. Pple expect too much & it goes haywire **wink**wink**


  6. Keni, I beg Capital High can’t end like this. At least add one more episode. I’m virtually in tears over K Beck and Akpene’s case. As for Awula dierr no comment.


  7. If I’m voting fr k Beck then he deserves sum happiness with akpene… Keni warris all dis
    .. I mke sad fr dem o


  8. Keni!! I just spent the last 2 and a half hours staying up and reading all 15 episodes ( I just had to finish it!)!! Now I have class in 3 hours! I’m blaming you if I end up dozing off in class!!

    Loved the story though!


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