Know Thy Man Ep15: Final twists

Hey fam! It is today! We draw the curtain down on #KnowThyMan today. I know I will cry tonight (yes, I am a crybaby like that!) I cried when #CapitalHigh ended, so it is only fair that I cry for this one as! As an aside, so all those of you who cursed me and insulted me in your hearts for leaving you hanging, tell me how you feel now. I was just trying to surprise you but you are not that easy to surprise, after all. Three of my friends got married this weekend so as expected, this final episode is to all 3 beautiful couples- Kelvin & Ayeley, Manasseh & Becky and Kofi & Kafui. May your love be the kind that knows no ending! ❤ Congratulations to my friends who passed the bar exams, especially Kwame Kota. Too proud of you!!


As you already know, our meetup is fast approaching and I am already giddy with excitement just thinking about it. It is on the 17th of September, 4pm to 7pm at the Workshed (2nd floor of the HFC Bank). Please don’t forget to register so that we can have a fair idea of the numbers we are working with. There are surprises and giveaways to look forward to. We will discuss your favourite stories and characters, re-write some of them and do all sorts of fun Kenikodjo-related things. It will be all kinds of lit!! I really can’t wait to see all of you! September is just an awesome month! (Remember the official hashtag for the meetup is #theKenikodjomeetup)

If you follow us on social media, you will know that we had the #knowthyman photo shoot this weekend. I can’t say thank you enough to my wonderful cast. You are such amazing people and seeing how much effort you put into bringing the characters to life was indeed humbling! (Chale, people wore wedding rings nyinaa oo!)  As always, I am truly indebted to Gerard Nartey and Kwame Pocho for taking time off their busy schedules to shoot and edit these lovely pictures. ❤ ❤ ❤

To appreciate the end, it is only fair that we go back to the beginning. Meet the people whose lives we have combed through over the last 16 weeks…

Copy of KTM-1Copy of KTM-6Copy of KTM-21

Copy of KTM-12
Peter, Paa Kow, Tim and almighty Prosper…

….and the ladies

Copy of KTM-58Copy of KTM-56Copy of KTM-41

Copy of KTM-25
Perfect Ewuraefua, Kafui, scandalous Adjeley and no nonsense Tonia

Comforting Kafui in Ewuraefua’s kitchen

The picture-perfect marriage of Peter and Ewuraefua…

...or maybe not so perfect

 Prosper beating the life out of his wife -just because #Prosperisapig. This hashtag never ceases to make my day.

Copy of KTM-92Copy of KTM-98Copy of KTM-100

Copy of KTM-104
The romance of Paa Kow and Tonia always giving us life!


Copy of KTM-132
The mistake that still haunts Tonia and Peter to this day..

Tim constantly lurking in the background of the Paa Kow-Tonia romance.

Copy of KTM-168
No words can do Tonia’s look justice! 

The transformed Kafui

Celebrating the friendships

Copy of KTM-140
The straw that broke the camel’s back
Best friends forever
Copy of KTM-173
Everyone- including the ‘dried chewing gum’ girl


Special thanks once again to Pocho and Gerard! It’s a wrap!

‘There is no unseeing this, is there?’

‘No, there isn’t.’

‘Maybe I should speak to him.’

‘Err, I don’t know about that. Your conversations are highly inflammable. He probably won’t believe you.’

‘Heck, I don’t even believe it myself. It doesn’t add up quite yet.’

Tonia’s heart was beating.

If what she had just discovered was true, it changed everything. That was why she called Paa Kow to come over, so that she could have a second opinion.

Rewind to three nights ago, when she took out the letter Kafui wrote her for the umpteenth time to read. It had become a habit- to go through the things she had that reminded her of Kafui from time to time. The only difference was that this time she had discovered yet another note folded into a small square in the corner of the envelope.

‘How have I never seen this before?’

She cautiously opened the note, afraid of what she might find. After reading it, she called Paa Kow and waited for him to also come and read it.

After sitting in silence for a while, he broke the silence.

‘Wow! It’s not Prosper’s baby? And he doesn’t know?’

In the next three days, they had discovered that the name on Sewoenam’s birth cerificate wasn’t Prosper’s, just like the note had mentioned. They also discovered that the man whose child it was had been the man that Kafui loved before Prosper came on to the scene. They also discovered that he had passed away before Sewoenam was born but since Prosper was not at the hospital when the baby was born, Kafui had them put that man’s name on the certificate.

‘I see.’

‘That’s all you have to say?’

‘I guess when you are down, you are not that worried about someone kicking you. It doesn’t change the fact that you are down, does it?’

‘What’s with the parables?’

‘I was trying to impregnate this girl that I brought to the barbecue. It turns out that all that drinking has given me a low sperm count. And here I was convincing myself that all was not lost because at least I have Sewoenam. Look how wrong I was. Kafui is still punishing me even in her grave.’

‘She didn’t give you a low sperm count. You did that to yourself.’

‘Indeed. Looks like the joke is on me, after all.’

‘Goodbye Prosper.’

‘See you around, Tonia.’

Somehow she knew that was the last time she was going to see him in a long while.

A year had passed since then and it was time for Kafui’s memorial. They had decided that they would never have a sad memorial for her. They were all going to gather after work at Peter and Ewuraefua’s place and have a good time together. As Tonia pulled up in the driveway, she realized that she was the last person to get there.

Everyone was there-passing round food and drinks and watching Titanic, one of Kafui’s favourite movies. Sewoenam grinned and lifted his hands to be carried. She indulged him for a few minutes, listening to him babble about everything and anything. She handed Sewoenam to Adjeley and turned to find Paa Kow on his knees, with a ring with a ruby stone daintily placed on it.

It took all her self will to not burst into tears.

How did he know that I like rubies?

‘What’s happening?’

She knew what was happening but her lips reacted before her mind could stop it.

‘I know this isn’t the way you imagined being proposed to, but I keep looking for the perfect time and it never comes. I just realized that I don’t need the perfect time. Every moment is perfect with you. I have watched you be a rock for everyone and a devoted mother. I have watched you cry, fight, laugh and fall asleep. I want to do that for the rest of my life- to watch you and watch over you. Tonia, will you marry me?’

‘Yes! Yes I will marry you!’

As Paa Kow swept her off her feet in an exaggerated embrace, she looked over his shoulder at her friends who were cheering for her. This was the first time in a long time that she was happy- truly happy- ever since Kafui died.

You were right, Kafui. I do love him.

She could hear Adjeley’s voice, ‘Wait, this means you can have sex soon right?’

Everyone burst into laughter. Tonia closed her eyes and leaned against Paa Kow.

So this is what forever feels like.




It’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it?

Till we meet again,

❤ Keni






84 thoughts on “Know Thy Man Ep15: Final twists

  1. Padikwor is the “dried chewing gum” girl? 😂😂😂 Keni you won’t kee me! God bless you! I’m glad Tonia and Paa Kow made it! Yay!
    Hehe. So Kafui had some secrets of her own too! Interesting twist!
    All’s well that ends well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Soooo….
    1. Lovely photoshoot! Really brought the characters to life in a greater way. 👍
    2. When I read that Prosper isn’t the father of Sewoenam: 😱😱
    3. When I read that he cannot replenish the earth anymore: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    4. The ending: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Loved it!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Eiii😂😂 so your sister turned out to be the fine from afar but far from fine girl😂. I loved the photoshoots- absolutely! I was looking forward to this. But the guy who was Prosper..i didn’t even think Prosper was going to be so fine?! All the same, i loved it. Thanks for making me always expect a Wednesday surprise- i see it was worth it!😉

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Aww…I can’t believe this story is over :'(.. I loved every bit of it Keni! Can’t wait for the next series 😀 ..looking forward to a shoot with you and the team! God bless you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yieee Keni you have done *Prosper* a huge favor ooo 😂😂😂. See the way the ladies are swooning 😬😬. Herh Bukie you owe Keni a lunchdate – but on a more serious note, when’s the next series coming out? We want more!!!


  6. Oh wow!!! thought episode 14 was the last one………I never “experred it”……….hehe thanks Keni for the bonus episode!!!(that’s what I’d call it) So surprised when I saw your sis as the dried chewgum!!……Ajeei!!😂😂😂😂😂…….awww everything was just beautiful!!….. the pictures, the final episode!!……….AWWWWWW!!! (eeeii but Adjeley too eeii……na wa oh…..that was what she could think about….hehe)……….beautiful Keni! Just Beautiful! More grace to be even better than this……eeii you truly have a gift oh(ok I think I’m talking too much now……..byeeeee………would try and wait patiently for the next series!!!….God bless you!!)


  7. The secret to reading your stories: wait till its done. I read all the parts. Omg. Touching. Eish I cried. I loved it. Beautiful story. Eish Peter is hot. Ahhhh I’m sorry I had to say it. I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lol. Amazing work done here. So happy for you. Keep up with to writing. 😊


  8. now what will i look forward to every wednesday?
    delaying to read till friday so the next one will come quickly. Lovely story Keni. You have an amazing gift and are using it well.
    Dried chewing gum girl is too fine for her character though. lol
    Thank you for bringing these stories to life.
    Expecting the next series like……


  9. Congrats to the “cast”.
    Needed to see PaaKow and Tim together paa.
    Ain’t the “chewing gum” girl so sweet? Love ma babe to the max despite being tagged “dried”.


  10. Yay!!! I made it to the end almost on time lol. A beautiful twist at the end. I didn’t know you go all out for your characters. I loved the photo shoot. Too bad I can’t be there for the meet up. You guys have fun!


  11. Yay!!! I made it almost on time to the final episode lol. It has been an interesting read for the past week. My new discovery. You are a good writer keep it ip lady. Too bad I won’t be able to come for the meet up. You guys have fun.

    Wait! What happened to Adjeley and Nii? Did he forgive her?


  12. So I finished the whole story in a day after some pressure from a friend and all I can say is Keni you are an an amazing writer who is able to take her readers on a journey. A witty, emotional and suspense filled journey. I can confidently say you are one of my favourite writers and I hope you continue to write.
    Adjeley and Nii tho?


  13. Great great…… nice reading your stories. Was on break now I finally get to end it. More grease to your elbow and more inspiration from the Holy Spirit! #theKenikodjomeetup


  14. Wooooooooooow!I just read the full story from episode 1 to 15.I loved every bit of it.The love,the hate,the disappointments,the characters and more importantly the suspense.I couldn’t help laughing to myself.
    My best character was Tonia
    I have viewed a lot of blogs but none comes near yours.Your level of professionalism is out of this world.You don’t take anything for granted.
    What killed me was the photoshoot.I can put a face to every character.


  15. Ow Keni!! I never thought I could tear up from reading a book. Know Thy Man was so life-like and real!! I actually had to forcefully hold tear back i.e. when Kafui died. I’m now having the opportunity to finish it and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. It just pains me that I missed the Meetup. Keep writing more amazing stories and may God fill you more ideas. God bless!!!


  16. Okay. So I silently read the whole story.
    I think my favourite character was Tonia, Adjeley is wild paaahn too. And I love that she’s really intelligent.
    I don’t really know why you killed Kafui, but killing Prosper would have made it the normal you reap what you sow story. At least if he’s a wise man, he has a second chance now to right his many wrongs.
    But Tonia’s description of his chiq is priceless koraa
    I’ve never really being a fan of promoting my blog on social media(perhaps because it was a personal outlet to find my writing voice and passion).
    But reading through your blog has gingered me to reconsider my stand on it. After all, what’s better than doing what you love properly and making sure more people benefit from it.
    And oh! Another interesting thing that happened after I read the few stories is that, it gave me an idea of a story to write. Which I’ll try soon..
    Before I stumble and actually fall(cause I’m walking whilst writing this comment because my mind keeps screaming excitedly), let me end my tale here. Cause I just got to the edge of a gutter.

    Thanks Keni.. you’re awesome


    1. Mimi, you’ve been making me smile all day with your silent binge reading. Everyone loves Tonia! Looking forward to reading your story! Please don’t fall in the gutter. Have a great evening, Mimi!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Hello Kenikodjo , i just finished reading know Thy Man at a certain point i shed tears ,erh why did you kill Kafui . Any way the story was awesome ,i’m yet to finish the rest .


  18. Thanks for writing this. It was a great distraction while waiting for some drugs to get to work. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading this!


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