8 to 5 Ep02: This girl is on fire!

That was quite the welcome! I have never had this many views for any of my stories in one week- ever! I can’t tell if it is because Edem had an accident so early in the story or if it was about the uncanny similarities to the real life PwC. I got a lot of interesting messages in my Facebook inbox too. #8to5 is already making a name for itself..yaaay! The good thing is we have a lot of auditors and accountants in the Kenikodjo family now. You are most welcome! Feel at home! Please do read the older stories and leave a comment.I love feedback!

As for those accusing me of killing all the Ewes in my stories, my heart is broken. Prosper is alive, isn’t he? That should count for something..lol! Besides, we don’t even know if Edem survived or not. Prematurely judgemental things πŸ˜’. This week is full of exciting news- I guest lectured an e-commerce class in Regent University on Monday. The TedXCentralUniversityWomen event is this Saturday and I am still rummaging through my head for some deep things to say :).

But my favourite thing about October is the fact that we are turning 2 on Friday, 28th October, 2016!! Yes!!! Just thinking about it makes me feel like dancing. Over the last week, Facebook memories have helped me relive the #Kenikodjoquotes competition we had last year. No, we are not doing a quotes competition this year. This year’s celebration is rather a quiet one. I will put up the evaluatory (if that’s even a word) post but I would like to hear from you. You, the binge reader. You, the silent reader. You, the guy with the funny comments. You, the serial tweeter. You, the ‘I have a whatsapp group that analyses the stories’ guy. You, the ‘I hate reading but I made an exception for you’ lady. Just put up a post on social media with the hashtag #Kenikodjoat2 and tell me what you love, what you hate, what you think could be better, what stories made you cry, what story changed your life, who introduced you to your first story, your favourite quote, your favourite character, what you want to see in the next year, anything.. Happy birthday in advance to all of us! ❀

Now before you insult me in your head for talking too much, let’s go and see if we have a funeral to attend or not!

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he smelt was Akwesi’s perfume. The beeping sound from the monitor was deafening but it told him that he was alive. He could not see clearly for a few seconds so he blinked a few more times.

‘Shoot, he is alive!Β Who would have thought?!’

Akwesi’s wide grin told Edem what he knew Akwesi would never open his mouth to say- I am glad you are alive, homie!

‘You fool waa! Did you think I was going to leave you alone to eat all the domedo left in the world? Not to talk of the women. They need options- not everyone has an appetite for Mr Insatiable Sweet Talking Lover Boy. Sometimes people want intelligent, God fearing, responsible men like me. The world is a better place because I am in it, you barb? Speaking of women, where is Grams?’

‘I sent her home to get some rest. I told her I would call her as soon as you opened your eyes. You’ve been out for almost a day mehn! The good thing about this is it has given me a legitimate reason to flirt with the nurses. I hear the doctor on duty this evening is also a woman- that’s the only reason why I am here. Otherwise, it would have been Mawuli keeping watch.’

‘You sef! I am sure you would have told Grams that my last words were that she should give you all my FIFA games.’

‘I am glad we both have similar expectations of what your will should look like.’

Edem shook his head and settled back into bed as Akwesi called Grams.


‘Hey Grams’

‘You gave me quite the scare.’

‘I know and I am sorry. Were the boys on their best behaviour while I was away?’

‘Yes, they were. Mawuli even cooked me breakfast.’

‘Haha! You might end up in the hospital like me if you eat food cooked by these boys.’

Grams’ laugh was refreshing. He knew without a doubt that she had stayed up all night praying for God to preserve his life.

‘I am glad you are okay.’

‘Me too, Grams, me too. See you tomorrow.’

‘I love you, son.’

‘I love you too, Grams.’

He waited until he heard the click on the other end before he hung up. Realizing how easily he could have lost his life and left Grams all alone sobered him.

Joe Mettle’s Ζ†wanwani was blocking out all the angry thoughts.

There was just something about the way he ministered. It didn’t matter who else was worshipping with him. He was just having a great time in His father’s presence-with or without an audience. He just had a way of pulling you in with him. That was the main reason why she was listening to him right now. Mum and Dad had found a way to pull her right in the middle of their World War 45 or whatever, she had honestly lost count. Their getting divorced was still the lowest point in Maame Esi’s life. They had been married for 32 years without incident and then one day, just before Maame Esi’s induction ceremony, they sprang the news on her.Β Mummy mumbled something about being unhappy for the last decade while Daddy avoided her gaze.

They had always been the perfect couple- her role models, both of them doctors just like her. There were still a lot of nurses who looked up expecting to see her dad when they saw Dr Osam on the duty sheet. Today the argument was about whether or not Daddy was allowed to bring a ‘plus one’ to her birthday dinner in two weeks’ time. Mummy ranted and raved about how it was not about them and how Daddy needed to be a little less selfish and consider the feelings of their daughter.

She would have agreed with her if she had not known that it was just Mummy’s way of using her as a weapon once again. Like she did when they were deciding who got the house. Or the dogs. Or the Rav4. Or where to have Christmas dinner.

And this time, a seat at her birthday dinner.

To be honest, she did not feel excited about the dinner any longer.

‘Thanks for ruining this too.’, she muttered under her breath before she left home for her shift.

Church had become her refuge. If she was not working in the hospital, she was at church- singing, helping to fill out sandwiches, volunteering on the fundraising committee, anything really…

Anything to avoid dealing with Mummy whining at home about wasting her time on a hospital fairy tale.

The hospital was also home for her in some ways. She had spent many a night sleeping in one of the rooms because both Mummy and Daddy had to work. She knew where the best waakye was, which floors had clean toilets, which nurses to avoid, where to take a quick nap on a night shift, which corner had 3G reception and where to pray. She spent a lot of time doing that- praying. It calmed her.

She made her way to the Department of Radiology to give a bar of Kingsbite to the old man in the last room on the 2nd floor. His eyes, the only things with life left in them, lit when he saw her.

‘You came back.’

‘Of course, I did. I brought you chocolates too.’

‘You are really my guardian angel. How did you know?’

‘I wish I could say I was psychic but you mentioned chocolate in your sleep last night. Plus I know you are a champion for all things Ghanaian so I knew I could not go wrong.’

He laughed. It was a hollow laugh probably because he was still in pain.

‘How is the pain today?’

‘It was an 8 before you walked in but your smile made it a 3.’

‘I bet you have charmed your way out of many things in this life, haven’t you?’

‘Yep! I have quite the record. I should hide this chocolate just in case the nurses come in to rain on my parade.’

‘Do that. I have to go now. My shift starts in 30 minutes.’

‘Take care of yourself.’

‘See you tomorrow, Mr Ofori.’

When she closed his door, she adjusted her white coat and walked away, pretending as if she didn’t know that the male nurses were checking out her bum.

I am in love!

That was the first thing Akwesi thought when he saw her. He sniffed in her flowery perfume again. He knew her name was Dr Osam from the badge she had on her chest. Her hair was tucked away neatly behind her, making it easier to notice her high cheek bones and perfect smile. He could tell that she was a church girl- the cross locket on her chain and her wristband gave it away. She was wearing blue black trousers with a pink shirt and heels. He could tell that she genuinely cared for her patients.

‘So your MRI results look good. You are a lucky man. Do you have any pains in any part of your body?’

‘Nope. I just feel really rested.’

‘I hear you were out for a while. That would explain it. So if by tomorrow morning everything remains the same, you can go home.’

‘Thanks Doc.’

She scribbled something in his folder and turned to Akwesi.

‘Your eyes are literally boring a hole in the back of my head.’

Akwesi smiled.

‘I am just wondering how sick I have to be to get a date with you.’

Turning back to Edem, she asked, ‘Does he do this all the time?’

‘Without fail!’

‘Ignore the traitor. Let’s try again. My name is Akwesi and today is the best day of my life.’

Maame Esi laughed.

‘I don’t believe in hospital fairytales, Akwesi.’

‘Who said anything about fairytales, beautiful? Fairytales end with horses turned back into mice and Cinderella ends up with a missing shoe. Β You still haven’t told me your name.’

‘Maame Esi.’

‘There you go. I see that smile too.’

Edem laughed. He had seen this many times before. Akwesi would walk away with the girl’s name and number, plus a tentative date for lunch or dinner.

As soon as she left, Akwesi belted out Alicia Keys’ This girl is on fire.

‘You know she can probably hear you in the hallway, right?

‘Yeah, it would make her ‘blush’ a bit more. That’s a home run for me!’

‘You have got to be kidding me! A welcome home party? With kenkey and domedo*? Grams, you didn’t have to.’

‘Actually, it was the boys who came up with the idea.’

Akwesi turned to Edem.

‘You would not believe it but Joseph also contributed to the party.’

‘Joseph! The most chisel* boy on earth? Wow, I should have more near death experiences.’

Without looking up, he knew that Grams was giving him the ‘Don’t be silly’ look.

They were all there-Β Joseph. Mawuli, Akwesi and Grams.

He listened in on Joseph and Mawuli’s conversation.

‘I am telling you! Change is coming! People are tired oo. Nana bΙ›ba!’

‘Massa, it is simple. Just show me three Zongos that will vote for Nana and I will be convinced that you can win the election. Until then, watch me smile all the way to the polling station as JM wins the election. Hashtag JM toaso!’

Edem broke in,Β ‘Guys, guys, can we just eat in peace?’

‘Sure, but under Nana, the balls of kenkey will be bigger. That’s a fact! We are going to put money back in the pockets of the people’

‘Ah! Why, Nana get maize farm?’

They laughed as Edem ignored them and reached for the plate of domedo to fill his plate. Once again, he looked at Grams and thanked God that he did not die.

It was good to be back home.

See you next week!

*chisel- miser

*domedo- grilled pork




71 thoughts on “8 to 5 Ep02: This girl is on fire!

  1. Classic!! I can smell the love triangle too. Hope it doesn’t bring any conflict though. I love Maame Esi!! She’s just so cool


  2. Lol. This love triangle di3, but d hospital, is it private? Cos it doesn’t sound like a public one, too sophisticated to be. Unless we are doing vip rooms. But u r making me crave domedo


  3. But this is too short na? I’m glad you didn’t kill Edem though… His wife would have dealt with you paa…. I couldn’t stand the suspense. Guess binge reading is not my portion.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. aaaahhhhhh!! Keni ooooooooo!! you ended this episode just when i adjusted my glasses to read further! oooohhhh baby i luv Edem’s boys and i am sorta torn between Edem and Akwesi! Maybe i should have them both… hehehehehehehe
    Wednesday come soon pls!!!


  5. Please all these pick up lines don’t work but seriously Keni , your episodes have become shorter and uneventful. I need me some of that good ol’ drama per episode stories ..

    But tell your P.O.P readers that Classic Pick up lines don’t work in this part of the world.


    1. Mandela! Glad to see that you are not binge-reading this time around. Please allow, they work in Akwesi’s world πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ½ You want drama? I will give you drama. Get in touch. It’s been too long!


  6. β€˜Your eyes are literally boring a hole in the back of my head.’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚……….that really cracked me up!!!………..Lovely read!!!……Relatively long too!!…..Well done Keni!! I loved it…….I really love Edem and Akwesi’s broship(friendship turned brotherhood…jut made it up…hehehe)…….and a HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY TO THE KENIKODJO BLOG!!…….many more wonderful stories to look forward too! #ilovethekenikodjoblog


  7. So I’m very new here. But I’m absolutely loving the story. I especially love the Edem-Grams relationship. Tis awesome koraa.. I love the boys boys spirit too
    Great story so far


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