Searching For Story Series? Check Out My Top 3 Lady Bloggers

Joseyphina made my heart smile ❤

Joseyphina's World

So you know I’ve started a new series calledSwapping Places (The Twin Game) and if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so.

I’ve planned to put up a roundup post of other story series from other amazingly talented writers that I’ve been relishing for some time now. I figured it would be selfish on my part to enjoy them alone and not share them with you. Each writer has her unique style of writing and trust me, they are worth reading. So without much further ado, meet some of my favorite storytelling blogs.

  1. KeniKodjo.comMaukeniKodjo is Ghanaian just like me and I must say I’m proud to be associated with her nationality and creative-wise. Her series currently running goes by 8 to 5. You will enjoy every minute on her blog, I can assure you. Some of her previous series include Know

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