8 to 5 Ep11: Thou shall not catch feelings

Happy New Year!!! (This excludes the hoarders, of course.) I hope you like the new look 🙂 I am so excited about the possibilities that the New Year will bring. I was listening to Citi FM yesterday and one of the things I learnt is to carefully think about what you would want to see happen in your 2017 and deliberately install habits in your life to achieve exactly that. I am working on my list and corresponding habits. Let’s catch up at the end of 2017 to see how far we have come. Here’s to the exciting days ahead! God is in it: we shall not fail! ❤

Moving on to other matters… Ei Ghanafo! You like sex and politics papa! Sexual healing got so much attention that her other sibling episodes are kinda jealous. Shout outs to the lady I sat in the Lapaz trotro with yesterday morning- you definitely made my day with your analysis of all the characters. I agree, Akwasi sounds like a guy who should be your friend, Maame Esi sounds perfect and almost everyone is hoping that Edem ends up with her instead. But like I always say, we will see where the story takes us. 

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

Nadia had just interrupted another very steamy kiss to ask Edem this same question.

‘I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to, would I?’

‘Yes I know. But given the circumstances, I don’t want you to regret it,’

Edem stopped playing with her waist beads and looked at her face.

‘Which circumstances?’

He had deliberately not told her about the man he had met in the corridor. It was one of the reasons why he was with her and not with his friends. He was avoiding the silent looks of pity. That was why he was puzzled to hear her speak like that.

‘Erm, the fact that you are a virgin. You are a great guy and I am sure you were saving yourself for your wife, which is admirable but near impossible, if you ask me.’

The edges of Edem’s lips slightly curled into a smile.

‘Well, you have my permission to de-virginize me. And yes, I will still walk away without ‘catching feelings’. I know you are getting married soon. This is just for today.’

‘Good. Thou shall not catch feelings.’

Nadia gently pushed him off her with a smile on her face and walked to the bathroom to pee, her waist beads naturally arched around her supple lace clad buttocks. Waking everyday to do squats suddenly felt more worth it.

This is too good to be true!

She had always ogled Edem. The only difference was that he was too much of a good boy to have a fling with and she had never cooked up the nerve to suggest a quickie in one of the washrooms that was on the blind side of the CCTV cameras. But the gods seemed to be smiling down on her. He was the one who called her and she was the one going to ‘deflower’ him. It could not get better than this.

When she came back, he said, ‘This time, no more questions.’

She replied, ‘Your wish is my command.’

That was what he told Grams whenever she asked for a favour. His mind took him back to the hospital where she was probably lying alone and stopped him from pulling off Nadia’s lace thong.

‘What’s wrong?’


‘You sure? Not getting cold feet, are you?’

‘I am really sorry but I can’t do this. I have to go.’

‘I can’t convince you to change your mind?’, Nadia asked, ready to whip up a lap dance to restore his appetite.

‘No, thanks.’

Grabbing his trousers and his shirt, he walked into the bathroom to get dressed. He caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror and paused.

That was very stupid of you, Edem. What if she got pregnant or gave you some disease? What if her fiance walked in? Why throw away the virginity that you have spent your whole life protecting? Why further complicate your life just because you have questions?

When he came out, she was fully dressed.

‘I called you an Uber since you didn’t come with a car.’

‘Thanks. Once again, I am sorry.’

He paused, as if he was about to give her a hug and decided against it.

‘All the best with the wedding.’


As soon as the car took off, he reached for his phone.

‘Akwasi, you would not believe what almost happened! Yes, I know it is late but this cannot wait. You know that thing you keep saying about your common sense fleeing when you have an erection? I believe you wai-‘

I am going to do it. I have to do it.

After three weeks without Robert, Maku had decided that she needed to get the abortion procedure done. Robert’s visible absence from all the Christmas gatherings didn’t help matters. Her aunties kept gossiping loudly amongst themselves while her poor mother churned out story after story to explain away his absence. She was slacking at work, making mistakes she would normally not make. Dracula was not sympathetic in the least.

‘Young lady, you either get it together or go home.’

Interestingly, the stress had helped her to lose some weight so her waist was now smaller, to the delight of her office husband, Kevin.

‘Baby girl, you know what to do. Come and let me treat you right. You are royalty- I keep telling you this. That pig doesn’t deserve these pearls mehn!’

As tempting as that was, she knew that a fling never ended well- not even in the movies. Plus, considering what they said about Krobo girls, he might not be able to walk away without incident.

I will go next week. I still have a few leave days left.

Maame Esi rolled her eyes and reached for the lip balm.

Those of you who were praying for the harmattan, are you happy now?

After pouncing on an ‘outsider’ for talking about the harmattan and its commissioning, Ghanaians had managed to sack the harmattan for a few days- until now. It was back.

Christmas had been superb. Her parents had managed to play nice long enough to throw a Christmas party together and it was the highlight of her Christmas. That and entering the New Year with Akwasi by her side at the Crossover service. He had never been for a watchnight service before because he claimed that he could not stay awake. His eyes remained open for this one. Infact, he loved it.

She was happy about this- his sudden interest in the things of God. It gave them one more thing to connect with.

So like joke, tomorrow is the inauguration?

The pain of losing the election didn’t seem to be getting any easier.

First it was the transition team thing. Then it was Onaapo replacing the Christmas carols. Then it was the mockery on Twitter when the President gave his final State of the Nation address- what is #ByeByeMahama?  Now it was the inauguration. Seeing pictures of the set up alone made his heart hurt.

‘This could have been me’, he thought to himself when he saw one of his classmates posing beside the dais.

Four years will fly by shortly. He can run again.

That was what Korantemaa said anytime he got moody.

He always said this in his head: What am I supposed to do for the next 4 years? Bite my nails in hope that life wouldn’t have passed me by, by then?

It can pain.

His situation was better. It was rumoured that one of the big men had even attempted committing suicide. The fact that the man that they had sworn would never be President was now President- elect was too much for him to handle. What made it worse was that there were audios, videos and memes of him all over the place. Social media was the worst place to be right now. Even Ataa Oko’s incident with JJ could not die without incident.

‘I weeell essplain’

Grams’ speech had become slurred. He tried to get her to stop talking but she insisted that she needed to tell him why she had kept it from him.

‘Please just rest. We can talk about it later on.’

‘Okay, buh please duh worree’

‘I won’t. Just rest.’

As if it could hear him, her heart monitor started beeping.

‘Nurse!’, he cried out with all his strength.

Everything else happened so quickly. One of the nurses called Maame Esi to come and be with him because he kept pacing outside the door anxiously. Grams was having cardiac complications.

‘It is all my fault. I should not have said anything.’

‘No, it is not. Just calm down. I am sure everything will be just fine.’, Maame Esi replied.

Maame Esi hovered at the door, worried about everything that could possibly go wrong. It wasn’t in her nature to be this nosy but she had come to care for Edem and his grandmother these past few weeks.

‘She can’t leave me yet. Please do everything you can.’

Now he was crying softly, his head in his hands.

Maame Esi could not hold back anymore. She pulled him into an embrace, rubbing his back. His head was cradled in her bosom and she was quietly making the hush sound she made anytime she was trying to comfort a baby.

‘It is going to be okay. We are going to be okay.’

She started humming the hymn that Grams used to sing to Edem.

Her eyes fell on his ever perfect hairline. The boys always said that his barber had a degree in architecture- she could see why.

She wanted to help carry the burden so that he would not have to carry it alone. She wanted to protect him. She wanted to save him.

In that moment, she realized that she may have just started catching feelings for her boyfriend’s best friend.

See you next week!

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28 thoughts on “8 to 5 Ep11: Thou shall not catch feelings

  1. I think this episode was satisfying. I feel pity for Maku, i hope she have change of mind for Kevin. I believe he’ll take good care of her. Thank you Keni, love you bunch. And am looking forward to my first meet up this year. 😘


  2. Keni I was thinking Edem was going to sleep with Nadia and later realise she was getting married to the man who claims to be his dad. Anyway let’s see wat u have got. Afihyia pa


  3. Hmmmm everyone seems to be catching feelings. I’m so glad Edem got saved by the bell in his mind. That could have been something he’d probably regret. Poor Joseph, he shouldn’t worry, there’s still life after losing. Awww my dear Maku… Hmmmm I hope she gets an intervention of sorts. I wonder what Robert will do in the event she loses both hers and the baby’s life during the abortion. I guess he’ll then be happy abi


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