8 to 5 Ep14: Bro Code

Hi guys!! Post No 100, y’all!! I have great news for you guys! The next time you see another alert, we will be in February! Can I get a Yay? Been one long but interesting month for me. Thanks for giving Awula such a warm welcome. Maybe she will overcome her shyness and write another story. Like I said on Kenikodjo Social Media today (yeah it is a thing lol!), we are starting a new tradition- Follower Friday. I can’t wait for you guys to ‘meet’ one another- who knows, there might be a marriage or two from this! All you have to do is to keep your eyes on Kenikodjo Social Media every Friday for a highlight on a Kenikodjo reader. Yes, even you the silent readers. I have FBI and CIA ties πŸ˜‰ Happy reading, fam! ❀

‘Akwasi, listen-‘

‘No, you listen! You are having sex at age 18, lying to your parents and your brother, sneaking in at night and you have the guts to allow yourself to be smooched in front of your father’s house. I am just waiting for Mummy to return from China. I am sure you will be sent off to the village somewhere to some auntie we have never heard of, where there is no Snapchat or Instagram to feed your ego.’

Now she was crying.

Korantemaa, Madam I have an answer for everything, Madam I have the world wrapped around my little finger.

For a split second, he almost felt pity for her. After all, she was his baby sister. He was the first person she ran to anytime she was scared, until she started allowing boys to touch her. She was the one who kept all his little secrets when he was growing up- like the days he sneaked out for parties, the day he crashed their dad’s car and the many times he had stolen money from their mum’s purse. She was his ride or die.

When he spoke again, his voice was calmer.

‘Why though? Why did you do it?’

She knew when her tears had diluted his anger. That had always been her secret weapon- it worked like magic on both Akwasi and Daddy. The only person who remained unfazed by her tears was Mummy. She could always see right through her. Korantemaa cleared her throat and sniffled for extra effect.

‘Every girl likes to be needed. Joe made me feel like I was a queen.’

Akwasi burst out into laughter even before he could stop himself.

‘You like to be what-? Wanted? And what did you call him? Joe? Y’all sound married and stuff. Like a couple that has been married for 35 years with 6 kids.’

‘Akwasi, don’t laugh.’

‘Too late.’

His laughter continued to echo down the hallway as he walked away.

‘So are you still going to tell Mummy?’, she asked in a hopeful tone.

‘Oh yes, without a doubt. The village die3 you will go.’

‘He is a really sweet old man. I have grown fond of him and vice-versa. He has only a few days left but I am determined to make them count so I always sneak in chocolates so that he can have his piece of pleasure every now and then.’

‘Sounds like an interesting man.’

‘Would you like to go and see him with me? I am heading there now actually.’

Don’t go.

That was the first thought that came to him.

Why not?

You need to wean yourself off her, Edem. It’s not healthy.

What is the worst that could happen? We are just going to see a man who is about to die. Harmless, right?

‘Sure, let’s do this!’

He was sweeter than Maame Esi said he was. Funny, with a twinkle in his eye. He looked like one of those people who had lived a great life with no regrets. He was also very fond of Maame Esi, ‘his angel’, as he affectionately called her. 

‘So is that your boyfriend? Rubbing him in my face even before I die?’

Edem and Maame Esi laughed. Well, Maame Esi more than Edem. 

‘No, he is not my boyfriend. He is my boyfriend’s best friend.’

‘That sounds complicated.’

This time it was only Maame Esi who laughed.

‘You are such a tease. This is Edem.’

‘Edem Afadzinu’

‘I know that name. Afadzinu. A man and his wife died in a car crash and I was the star witness in that case.’

Edem swallowed hard. 

What kind of movie do I live in these days? First some prodigal father pops out of nowhere and now some random guy just happens to be there when my parents died?

‘They were my parents.’

Maame Esi’s forehead was already displaying worry lines. Edem had been through way too much in the last month, she was worried about what another surprise would do to him. 

‘My condolences, son. They seemed like really nice people. The lady kept-‘

His sentence was interrupted by raspy coughing. 

‘The lady kept saying my son, my son. The man died on the spot. The lady was heavily bleeding but she kept murmuring for her son. I remember it as clearly as though it was yesterday. Truly sorry for your loss.’

It was hard to describe how he felt about this impromptu confession. So much had happened that he didn’t know whether to feel sad, happy or angry. So he chose to feel nothing. He was just numb. 

‘Thanks for telling me.’

‘Sure, anything for Maame Esi’s boyfriend.’

‘He is not my-‘

‘I know. I know. Just teasing.’

Edem cleared his throat again. The lump didn’t seem to want to go away. 

‘I should be heading back to Grams.’

He heard her running towards him but he didn’t turn. He just wanted to be alone. He didn’t want to deal with his conflicting feelings for Maame Esi upon everything he had to deal with. It really felt like life had dealt him the worst possible combination of cards.

The screeching sound made him turn. That and the sickening thud Maame Esi’s body made as it hit the bonnet of the car. From the corner of his eye, he could see Akwesi running towards her, with a pained look on his face. 

He got to her first and checked her pulse. She was still breathing. The joy that sprang up in his heart died when his eyes met Akwesi’s. Maame Esi had been running after him to comfort him. She was so bent on reaching him that she didn’t see the car speeding towards her in her right hand side. The driver had applied his brakes but not in time to stop the car from hitting her. 

The nurses helped to put her on a stretcher and sent her to the Accidents Ward, straight into surgery. The entire time, Akwesi did not say one word to him. He just kept staring at Edem. 

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

‘I am waiting for you to confess.’

‘To what?’

‘Lemme see. It is quite a tall list. Keeping secrets from me, spending time with my girlfriend under the guise of taking care of Grams, almost causing my girlfriend to lose her life because of you, should I continue?’

‘Akwesi, listen-‘

‘No, you listen. You are supposed to be my brother for crying out loud! Doesn’t the Bro Code mean anything to you people? First Joseph, now you. You don’t flirt with your homie’s girlfriend. You don’t spend time with her without telling her boyfriend. If you find out you are falling for her, you keep your distance. You freaking walk away, Edem! You don’t keep secrets from your brother. You don’t tell economical truths.’


‘What? You are going to tell me you don’t have feelings for her? And I am making this up and being paranoid? I’d like yo see you try! You were emotionally dating my girlfriend. And I had to hear it from her mother and not you.’

‘Emotional dating? Emotional cheating? Don’t forget that I know you. I have known you all my life, Akwasi. You are no saint. You have emotionally cheated or dated so many girls in this lifetime. Stop playing the angel card.’

‘How dare you throw my past in my face? Edem, you know what? We are done- me and you. Just leave.’


‘Leave, Edem.’

Shaking his head, Edem walked towards Grams’ ward.

He was too tired to think. Too tired to fight. Too tired to care. Too tired to beg. 

He groaned inwardly when he got to the door. His ‘father’ was waiting for him when he got to the ward, along with a lady who looked vaguely familiar from behind. 

‘I’d like you to meet your half sister Nadia.’

Nadia’s eyes widened when she turned to face Edem.

‘You are my brother?’

Wow Jesus wow! Can this day get any worse?

‘Apparently so.’ 

‘You two know each other?’

‘Oh you have no idea how well we know each other. The world is too small, way too small.’

See you next week for the concluding episode of 8 to 5! Stay safe! Xx

62 thoughts on “8 to 5 Ep14: Bro Code

  1. Wow wow wow. Drama everywhere. Poor Edem.
    Keni, I like your new idea of profiling your readers. Who knows, we might be attending a “Keni Kodjo” wedding soon with you writing a wedding vow for the couple πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ei hahaha sound track for that end will be … Tanananaaaaaaaaaa( like the universal studio trumpets lol) .
    The Esi and Edem accident is in slow motion reverting to normal right after the accident . Lol (the movie in my head continues !!) Good job!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now Di33 Edem do all…. can you imagine if he and Nadia had….. hmmm .. since you have decided to give us ultra short stories .. we will wait…


  4. ABeg what is Bro Code when you meet the love of your life? Akwesi should just step aside. He was just the mediator for Edem. God has already planned everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Concluding what??!!!!! Ei Sister girl, wo be Hwe wo life oo…πŸ˜”…😡😡don’t conclude yet😡😡😡😡


  6. “He groaned inwardly when he got to the door. His β€˜father’ was waiting for him when he got to the ward, along with a lady who looked vaguely familiar from behind.

    β€˜I’d like you to meet your half sister Nadia.’”

    This part got me pausing, laughing so hard for a minute, before continuing. Who saw that coming? Girl, you’ve got it. Truthfully, I have related to #8to5 in more ways than one. Keep them coming Keni. we are here to read any day, even we the hoarders and silent readers. lol.
    Let’s pretend I didn’t see you write something about the next one being the last episode #letsnotpretend

    Come to think of it, this is my first time commenting on your blog post and see how long a comment I made. I know, I am a talkertive #wink

    Liked by 1 person

        1. There’s no code, unless idk myself, but silent readers never comment or like a post… we just enjoy it, sit in our comfortable couch, talk to ourselves, relishing the moments of the story.


  7. Wei! If Edem and Nadia went through with the “do” it would have been 😲😱😨
    Half siblings?! Who would have thought.
    Has Akwesi lost his girl or he really never had her to begin with … hmm.
    The closing chapter has to be looooooonnngg. What happens to Maku, her baby and her marriage?


  8. Concluding episode!!!😲 πŸ˜₯ awww keni, your stories keep me going, am scared now, please don’t stop now 😨, i missed FF yesterday. I’ll have to set an alarm for next week. I’m looking forward to meet and interact with every single reader and person on here. Love you Keni xx 😘


  9. Eeei Nadia and Eden are siblings??? That was a nice way to bring her back in Keni lol I’d honest forgotten about her. So this is too complicated!
    And Akwasi too he should relax small eerh hoh


  10. OK so I’m binge reading and keni!!!!! The plot twists are amaaaaazing😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


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