Thank you Ten Thoughts for your kind words!
I do agree with you, I need to write more often.
*whispering* Let’s keep that between us though. My readers know no mercy!


Happy Rainy Sunday guys! Today being the last Sunday of the month, we’ve got a review and a guest author’s post. Tap the link and check it out. Let’s get to reading then?

Reviewed by: Kobby Elikem

Crisp! It’s not a word you can use to describe something like a blog. But this is the Keni Kodjo blog we’re talking about. Hence, it’s… Crisp! The first time I read the kenikodjo blog I fell in love straightaway! Such talent! It weaks me!

From the fonts to the theme to the arrangement on the site; it would seem the blog was designed by a professional. If it were, it only goes to show how seriously she takes her readers. If that’s not the case, it only goes to prove that she has an eye for art (And this is someone who wears lenses).

The stories are beautifully…

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