Taboo 07: Abonsam Cartoons

Pornography is not typically discussed in Ghanaian homes, neither is sex. Adults act like it doesn’t exist and their children end up discovering it on their own. For many Ghanaian boys and girls, pornography becomes their main source of ‘sex education.’ In Ghana, pornography is referred to as ‘abonsam cartoons’, loosely translated to mean ‘the devil’s cartoons.’ Guest writer Kuukua Asante tells the story of … Continue reading Taboo 07: Abonsam Cartoons

#7daysofXmas 4 : Welcome Starter Pack

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, guys! (depending on when this gets published) This is the 4th in the 7 days of Christmas series. Today’s Christmas short story features Akwasi Prempeh’s return to Ghana after 5 years of absence. I enjoyed writing it- I hope you enjoy reading it.  The phone vibrated a number of times before Kwame Ofori felt it. He had deliberately … Continue reading #7daysofXmas 4 : Welcome Starter Pack

Room 1045 Ep06: Queen Kess

Wednesday is upon us once again! You guys make me feel like President Mahama must have felt after losing the elections. I wrote the longest episode and almost everyone said it was short. I was like 😲. I count words and effort, you count the feeling. As for those fighting with me for the way Episode 5 ended, experience should have shown you that cliffhangers are my … Continue reading Room 1045 Ep06: Queen Kess

Room 1045 Ep05: The Lion’s Den

And just like that, Wednesday is upon us again! Last week, Joan shocked us all by leaving Barima in one breath and dancing with Nii Okai in the next. This week, we are delving into Salamatu’s life. She is the roommate we know the least about. Let’s correct that.  Catch up on all things #Room1045 here. Edit- I wrote this intro last Tuesday night. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Room 1045 Ep05: The Lion’s Den

Room 1045 Ep 02: The sins of the fathers

Goodness, I love you guys! Thank you for heartily welcoming Room 1045 the way only awesome readers like you can. Special shout outs to Etsey, LorettaAbby and the others who wanted Wednesday to come early. I am glad you like the characters you have met so far. It is interesting to see how people are already volunteering for the photoshoot even before the story fully unfolds. … Continue reading Room 1045 Ep 02: The sins of the fathers