Capital High Ep01: They are coming

Episode 1 Yoofi groaned inwardly when the siren went off. That was the one thing he hated about Capital High- that loud intrusive siren that dictated when to eat or sleep. He was a nocturnal person and could stay awake until 3am. Just when he was settling into the cozy arms of sleep around 4:45, the siren would go off. Back to the same old … Continue reading Capital High Ep01: They are coming


He opened his eyes slowly. The light in the room felt like an intruder, he had gotten used to the darkness behind his eyelids. The sounds were familiar. Nothing had changed since he last opened his eyes. The nurses were still shuffling their feet- there should be a law against that or something- the monitors were still beeping and he could still hear the raspy … Continue reading Papi

Three is a crowd Part 2

Author’s note: You can catch up on the first part of this story right here!


Sedinam’s eyes were fixed on the fishermen who were mending their nets. ‘I wish it was that easy to fix this mess’, she thought to herself wistfully. She had been sitting at the seashore all day, watching the waves battle with one another, thinking and crying- mostly crying. Every time she thought about the look on Nii Nortey’s face that day, she felt queasy. The wind blew again, forcing her to readjust her shawl around her shoulders. She took off her sunglasses and looked at her watch. It was time to leave and she still had no idea what she was going to do.

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