Three is a crowd Part 2

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Sedinam’s eyes were fixed on the fishermen who were mending their nets. ‘I wish it was that easy to fix this mess’, she thought to herself wistfully. She had been sitting at the seashore all day, watching the waves battle with one another, thinking and crying- mostly crying. Every time she thought about the look on Nii Nortey’s face that day, she felt queasy. The wind blew again, forcing her to readjust her shawl around her shoulders. She took off her sunglasses and looked at her watch. It was time to leave and she still had no idea what she was going to do.

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Three is a crowd

Abeiku Hagan wasn’t at his productive best today. He had been lost in deep thought all day. There was no way he could focus on the quarterly report he had to prepare for his partners. And who could blame him? He was going to be best man for a wedding in a month’s time and he was in love with the bride.

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