Kenikodjo- the blog

This blog is mainly for the short stories that pop up in my head when I am stuck in traffic in a rickety trotro*, on a sunny day. They are about everyday people living their everyday lives, and we get a mosquito-on-the-wall view of them, while they are at it.

I hope the stories make you laugh, I hope they make you shed a tear or two. I hope they make you pause and appreciate the little things you take for granted and savour the special moments you gloss over.

The stories are mainly fictitious. I hope they are stories you can relate to. Hopefully one day, this is the place you will come to when you can’t sleep at 2am. By all means, please read and share, and leave a comment. Feedback is always welcome!

Update: The blog was awarded the Best Blog Award for the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards 2016. Too exciting!


*trotro- a mini-bus that serves as a means of public transport in Ghana.

17 thoughts on “Kenikodjo- the blog

  1. Your stories are fun, so I’m just going to believe that you’re a fun person as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts–it’s inspiring.


  2. i admire you a lot and you inspire me to write more.Thank God for your life. Hope to share some of my stories with you soon. BEPOW SO HANN!


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