The Street Hawker

The street hawker balances her basket of wares on top of the ‘No Hawking’ sign, while bargaining with a policeman about the price of whatever she is selling. That takes gut!

She skillfully keeps her wares on top of her head, while weaving her way through the torrent of cars and avoiding the motorcycles that speed past them. That is called dexterity.

He weathers the storm. No matter how cold or hot it is, no matter how hard it is pouring or how scorching the sun is, he is there from dawn to dusk until he has sold everything. That takes determination.

She doesn’t have small change for the trotro mate who wants coins for his frantic passengers, and yet she can find change for GHC50 when the man in the Pajero wants to buy a box of tissues. That is prioritization!


Sometimes he doesn’t sell anything all day. Someone will bargain with him until he brings the price to the barest minimum and yet will still not buy his product. Nevertheless, he is there, bright and early, the next morning, waving his wares in people’s faces or calling out in a creative way. That is consistency.

Thanks to them, we can buy literally anything on our way home from work. I inwardly grimace at the thought that one day we will have lingerie being sold in the streets, though.

The street hawker intrigues me…


This was originally posted on the author’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: Google Images

23 thoughts on “The Street Hawker

  1. whenever we feel like giving up, surely the street hawker’s recipe for success will keep us moving. Way forward Keni!!! i know this is just the beginning of lovely pieces to be unraveled : )


  2. A very interesting perspective indeed! Am sure a lot of us will see a different side to hawkers after reading this instead of wishing them away from the traffic lights. Thumbs up girl…great writing


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