For the unconventional girl..

I love you

With your trousers that fit your hips but not your waist,

your chipped red fingernails,

and your ponytail that has three or more strands sticking out, barely touching your neck.

Your imperfect self.


I love the way you look when you wake up from a nap,

the sleep lines drawn on your face like an artist’s masterpiece;

and the way you wrinkle your nose when you are feeling cold.


I love your throaty laugh,

not delicate or ladylike,

but throaty and full,

and how unapologetic you are about it.


I love how your upper lip sweats when you drink light soup,

and how your tiny fingers break morsels of kenkey with dexterity.

Your healthy appetite too.


I love how you yell out in disappointment when Arsenal loses a match

which is often these days

I also love how you stubbornly support them, in spite of the heartbreak

Almost as though your very existence depends on it.


I love that you are not the type to curtsy and appear fragile,

like you need protection.

I like that you have opinions- strong ones

and that you don’t easily back down.


I love you.

Imperfect you.

You are perfect for me.

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