100 things that make me happy 

I first saw this on Dr AOA’s blog and then I also discovered Nana Ama Agyeman Asante‘s list. Initially, I started compiling my list out of curiosity to see what would pop into my mind and if I could make it to 100. It turns out that I had so many things to write down that I was tempted to shift the number to 150. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to happiness and to knowing a little more about me than I usually let on.

1. CPR

2. Doing anything with CPR

3. Chocolate (KitKat, Kingsbite, Godiva, Lindt-the whole shebang!) *no dark chocolate please.

4. Good music- Handel,Beethoven or Bach (classical music junkie), jazz, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Joe Mettle..

5. Singing with Gramophone Chorus

If you look closely, you can see me in the second row, singing my heart out.

6. The sound of a bass guitar

7. Hymns

8. The feeling of triumph after praying

9. The smell of rain

10. Hugs

11. Cuddles, kisses and forehead pecks 😍

12. Daddy (or at least my memories of him)

13. Christmas carols

14. Pressing publish when I finish a blog post

15. Laughing until my tummy hurts


16. Spending time with my cousins

17. Quiet mornings

18. The smell of my mother’s Cornish pies

19. The colour purple

20. Dancing with my mother and sister

21. Healthy looking hair

22. Daydreaming about the future

23. Butter popcorn

24. Flavoured lip gloss that tastes nice.

25. Holding hands

26. Club Sandwich with fries (hard to find a good source that is consistent and kind to my pocket these days)

27. Long phone calls with the people I love

28. Crisp and clean bed sheets

29. Lazy weekends

30. Pizza

31. Anything with chocolate in it (not Bounty though)

32. Muesli and fresh milk (Coco Pops and Frosties are not bad as well)

33. Jollof, grilled chicken and fried plantain

34. Plantain in all forms- roasted, boiled, fried (in coconut oil)

35. Old couples that are still in love

36. Family- biological and adopted

37. Sleepovers

38. Feeling needed/wanted

39. Fresh bread (even better with slightly salted butter)

40. Strawberry jam (with pieces of fruit)

41. Underwear with diverse colours, patterns, textures

42. Feeling the heartbeat of someone I care about when I hug them

43. Succeeding at anything

44. Love stories

45. Ghanaian ‘praise and worship’ songs

46. Anything written by Kenneth Hagin

47. Hugs that end with a back rub (my mother’s speciality)

48. Cake-black forest, red velvet, chocolate, iced, plain, name it…

49. Love songs- the older the better

50. Finding a Bible verse that is apt for a situation

51. Honest conversations

52. Movies or books that make me tear up

53. Freshly made kontomire stew with rice or yam or ripe plantain, plus avocado and an egg

54. Cold showers on a hot day

55. Family dinner

56. Easter Monday Processions

57. Palm Sunday memories

58. Bambara beans and chunks of fried plantain

59. Beta Malt 😊

60. Ferrero Rocher

Just take a look at this beauty!

61. Gossiping with Lulu

62. Road trips

63. Taking photographs- and selfies!

64. Apple juice

65. Dimples

66. Men that smell good

67. Clean shaven men

68. Fireworks

69. Nice fingernails and toenails

70. Ice cream

71. Speculaas (Dutch cookies)








72. Breakfast buffets

73. Haribo gummy bears

74. K.E.L.E.W.E.L.E

75. Men that look good in shorts and well-fitting trousers

76. Scented candles

77. Big kitchens, complete with an island

78. The Good Wife

79. Working out- and seeing its results 😉

80. The smell of onions in hot oil

81. Lace dresses

82. Whatsapp conversations that make me smile

83. Blacklist (I love Red!)

images (2)


85. Singing with my eyes closed

86. ‘Just because’ gifts

87. Discovering new Kenikodjo readers

88. The salted air at the beach

89. Red nails. Red lipstick. Red shoes.

90. Boiled corn (of course, dipped in salty water)

91. Men with a sense of humour and good dose of wit

92. The smell of baby powder

93. Waking up at dawn to discover that I have an extra hour or two to continue sleeping 😀

94. Pencil skirts, peplum dresses and jumpsuits

95. Surprising people I care about

96. Switzerland and Deutschland

97. Early morning texts

98. Crockery- the more unusual, the better

99. Saying or hearing the words ‘I love you’

100. GOD- who has blessed me with all these things that I don’t take for granted!

56 thoughts on “100 things that make me happy 

  1. Keni. We have so much in common. The ones that struck me the most were Cake, fresh bread, jollof and fried plantain. Even the way you capitalized the kelewele. Emphasis! 😀😀😀


  2. Wow. I am a silent follower of your blog and I am never disappointed whenever I read a post. This list is too close to mine. Ice cream, red, plantain, cake, hymns, my oh my the list is endless. Keep up the good work and God bless you for always giving us something interesting to read


  3. Oh I love this.
    I should post my soon
    Chocolate, good music, K.E.L.E.W.E.L.E and icecream will be on my list too, but pressing publish when I finish a blog post is the bomb 😂😂😂


  4. Wow! I have read the comments telling you how good you are but I’ll have to say it too….you are an awesome writer! Really enjoyed reading. Looking forward to more. Thumps up!


  5. Chaaaleee. Nice one. The forehead kisses though.. By the way, I saw you at the CONVOCATION but you disappeared like Castro at the end of the program.. Wanted to talk to you.


  6. Anything with chocolate in it (not Bounty though)-I want to stress the dislike for Bounty oh….like how is that thing still popular…smh. Anyway this is just a short rant not some important comment.


  7. New reader alert!!😁😁 Discovered your blog just a few weeks after I read Laurie Frempong’s list of her 100 favorite things, having been inspired by yours here and I’ve been dropping by several times each day to catch up. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Your blog is lit meehn!! -to borrow your fave word. You’re super super talented Keni. Hope to meet you in person someday 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh. You left out the piece of mature coconut accompanying the boiled corn dipped in salted water. If you haven’t tried that then go get the coconut


  9. Maukeni Padiki Kodjo, you are an impressive, God fearing, person. You are an inspiration to not just writers of all ages, but people from all walks of life. Even from Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you and God bless you for your good work.


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