Capital High Ep16: Finale

It honestly feels like a dream! I have had mixed feelings about ending the Capital High series. It has become a part of my weekly routine- thinking about what to write in the next episode, doing my ‘mixed school’ due diligence, replying messages and comments, listening to and reading your reactions to the events that have unfolded in the last 15 episodes! I have grown attached to the characters just like you have and I hate to see them go, but this is not ‘Days of our lives’ and it must surely come to an end. I must say that it has been humbling to see how far this series has gone. It has pushed me in every way imaginable- you have no idea the kind of struggles I have had to overcome to post some of these episodes, but like I always say, you always make it worthwhile. Thank you for reading and sharing every week. Thank you for the hype- every blogger needs readers like you. Thank you for pushing me to be more consistent and creative with my posting. Thank you for falling in love with Capital High! ❤

First order of business! As a parting gift, Kwame Pocho of Team 1000 words took  time over the weekend to do a Capital High shoot! (I keep telling you I have the most awesome readers in the world!) Those of you who follow the Facebook page may have seen a teaser or two earlier today. It was so humbling to see the story and the characters come to life- and I can’t thank Pocho enough for doing this. Special thanks go to Gerard Nartey (for assisting Pocho) and to Obuobi Emmanuel Bekoe, Naa Ahiney Laryea and Yasmin Lartey for graciously playing K Beck, Akpene and Gagert. You guys were awesome. I am happy to share a few of them with you..

Meet Akpene. We first encounter her in Episode 2 and hear her heart wrenching story in Ep06: Skeletons in her cupboard
K Beck making Akpene laugh the way only he knew how..
Gagert in the flesh! (after killing it in Hostile Takeover )
12874118_10153453830876404_1909967070_o (1)
Team K Beck & Akpene
K Beck shoots! K Beck scores!




Gagert giving K Beck a talking to, after letting him off the hook in (In)justice
We all wept with Akpene when she lost her mother in Dilemma
Sometimes there are no words..

K Beck shook his head a third time, his eyes following the motorcycle rider.

These are the days when he missed Christoff the most. He would have broken into some psychological analysis of the lawlessness that motorcycle riders in Ghana are associated with. There were days when he came to the conclusion that God had probably sent Christoff to Capital High just for him. They had gone past friendship to brotherhood and K Beck knew that he could always count on him if he needed someone to be there for him.

When dust had settled on the whole Akpene episode, he had tried to hook Awula up with Christoff, but he won’t hear of it.

‘Do I look like a rebound to you? I like unchartered waters’, Christoff said with a twinkle in his eye.

Instead, he had ended up with Denise.

‘Denise, as in I brought thongs to school on my first day Denise?’

‘Yes, one and the same.’

‘How is that unchartered waters?’

‘I may have forgotten to mention that I like a challenge. Denise is a challenge.’

That guy was a wise man. It didn’t surprise him when Christoff won the school prefect elections hands down. The pride bursting out of his chest as he watched his friend ascend the dais for his sash was unforgettable. There was another reason why he could never forget that day- it was the day that he discovered that Gagert had acute kidney injury. It explained a lot of things- her sudden openness, the show of emotion from time to time and even the way she had let Lawrencia off the hook so easily.

Lying in a bed, with all sorts of machines surrounding her, Gagert looked frail. When she opened her eyes, she smiled.

‘I knew your father would eventually tell you. Don’t look so sad. I am not dying or anything.’

She was a strong one- that woman- insisting on having the dialysis done in her house so that she would not miss the Capital High routine. She had also been secretly building an orphanage and a creative arts centre for the people in the Capital High town. Her reason was: ‘It is kind of vain, isn’t it, when a headteacher builds a hall or a house in the school and names it after herself? I am building this as a legacy. Many many years after I am gone, every orphan who goes through this institution will be touched by my hand.’

He still went back to see her from time to time. She had retired now but still lived close to the school.

‘I am proud of you, you know. I remember when your dad came to see me about your suspension.’

‘I knew he had a hand in it!’

‘Yes he did, and now look at you, almost an architect. No luck with Akpene?’

‘I still haven’t found her, but I won’t stop looking.’

‘I know. The Welbeck men are persistent!’

They both smiled. He reached for her wrinkled hand and rubbed it against his cheek.


This is going to take forever.

He was due for an internship this vacation with Design Consult, one of the major architectural firms in the country. The HR woman, an old menopausal woman whose glasses looked like they were about to fall off, had asked him to come along with a doctor’s report.

‘We need to be sure you have a clean bill of health.’

And that was why he was sitting in this long queue, between an overweight woman and a mechanic with foul body odour. He sighed for the hundredth time and began to fidget. One of the nurses walked past him. From behind, she looked like Akpene.

K Beck, get it together. Stop imagining things. We have been through this too many times.

When she turned and sat at her desk, his throat went dry. It was her. It was really her. He patiently waited for her to see him. It didn’t take too long. She looked at the folder she was holding and immediately felt her stomach turning.

When she called out his name, her voice was hesitant.

‘Kwamena Welbeck.’

She could not believe it.


Yes it was him.

Kwamena Welbeck in the flesh.

Same cocky, heartstopping smile.

Same glint of mischief in his eyes.

Same haircut.

Akpene was grateful that she was seated behind her desk or else her wobbly knees would have given her away. He sat in front of her, not saying a word- just smiling.

Her hands quivered as she wrapped the pressure cuff around his arm. He noticed and asked, ‘Shouldn’t we be checking your blood pressure instead?’

She unconsciously checked for a wedding ring and silently chided herself.

He is only 23 years old. And even if he was, it is really none of your business.

He watched her in silence, ten billion questions running through his head. When she was done, he knew he wanted answers- and he wanted them today.

‘We are done.’

‘I know.’

‘You need to get up so that I can attend to my next patient.’

‘Goodness! I see you are still as stubborn as ever. But that’s a good thing- it would have been torture to talk to you again after all these years, if you had changed. Walk with me.’

‘You are going to make a scene. I have to work.’

‘Then walk with me.’

She sighed, shook her head and got up. Mumbling something to the nurse seated beside her, she dusted off imaginary dust from her uniform. K Beck knew that she was only trying to regain composure. He bit his lips to keep the smile from escaping, flattered however that he still had this effect on her. He drank in the sight of her. She wore perfume now. Her eyes looked tired, probably because she had done a double shift or something. She looked less guarded than she used to be, and his heart ached about missing out on part of her ‘healing process’. Her calves had gotten slightly bigger but firmer, making her legendary figure even more profound. He turned his attention back to her face.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

Akpene laughed out, startling a woman who was nursing her baby boy in the corner. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him outside.

‘Is that why you pulled me from my work? I have patients waiting.’

‘Of all the questions, it is the most important. So yes or no?’


Never had one word meant so much to him. The hope in his heart soared.

‘Couldn’t find anyone like me huh?’

Akpene rolled her eyes.

‘I see you are still full of yourself!’

‘And I see you are still obstinate and sharp-tongued. But you know it’s true, don’t you?’

‘I won’t give you the dignity of a response.’

‘Did you find your brother?’

‘Yes, I did. It took a while but he is back here with me. He is almost done with primary school.’

‘You should enroll him in Capital High. It would be good for him.’

‘With Gagert gone? No,thank you!’

‘Polar Bear is not so bad, I must admit. He is doing well.’

‘You seem up to date with Capital High affairs. How is Gagert?’

‘She is fine. Responding well to the dialysis. My dad has been keeping her company, that’s how come I am so updated. Apparently they were lovers when they were in school.’

‘Gagert, in love? Never saw that one coming. How is Awula?’

‘She is fine, I guess. Her dad flew her to Switzerland. She is attending the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations. She might become your next Foreign Minister.’

‘That’s nice. I see how you put in the ‘I guess’ to subtly tell me that you don’t talk often.’

‘I like how you can still read me.’

She smiled.

‘I missed you Akpene. I don’t get how you could ignore all the letters I sent you.’

‘Letters? I only got one- and I gave it back to the letter girl without opening it.’

‘Yes, letters. I wrote you a letter every week and posted a copy to every school I knew that had the Nursing Training School option. I never got a reply.’

‘I am sorry, K. I didn’t know about any of the letters.’

‘It is fine. What matters is that you are here now. I never stopped looking for you.’

‘I don’t doubt that.’

‘I am serious. It was almost like a movie. When we left school, every short girl with curves looked like you. I can’t count the number of women I have startled with a bear hug.’

She laughed out loud again.

‘It is good to hear you laughing.’

‘You are such a clown. How could I not?’

‘My auntie used to say that you insult the guy you like. My auntie was a wise woman.’

Akpene shook her head. The March sun was showing off its splendour so she squinted. K Beck lifted his hand and shielded her from the rays.

‘Feels like a deja vu, doesn’t it? I remember doing this in Capital High.’

‘Oh you mean, the day you gave Curtis blackmail material by giving me a peck in front of the Liberty downs?’

‘Yes, exactly that. But I choose to focus on the peck, not the Curtis bit.’

They both smiled.

‘I have to go inside now.’

‘Call me. My number is still the same old one.’

‘I will.’

‘Don’t vanish like that on me again, I am serious.’

‘I won’t.’

‘And you better call me!’

‘I will.’

A smile played at her lips without her permission.


‘Yes, tonight.’

Subconsciously, he did a victory dance in his head as he watched her go off to attend to her patients.As he walked towards his car, he couldn’t help but remember what Akpene used to say anytime something good happened.

God must be smiling down at me.


K-Beck, Akpene and of course, me! Thanks for sticking with us! ❤



157 thoughts on “Capital High Ep16: Finale

  1. ..I have felt all kinds of emotions with this series! Thank you Keni! Looking forward to more fantastic literature from you!!!!!

    PS: Your name precedes you…I recommended your blog to friends even before coming to take a look myself…

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  2. I just started reading the whole story today and I must confessed am amazed at the pattern of thoughts in the story.Great job Keni!! Loved every bit of it.God bless your handiwork.


  3. wow Keni
    just wow…. I was introduced to your blog weeks ago and never had the chance to read but when I got on Capital high, it felt like pringles*-once you pop, you cant stop.
    I must say you are an amazing writer and I love your this stories. .. Capital high is so epic n I like the deja vu that plays in my head as I read…
    great piece

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  4. Good job dear, ur story kept me up from last night to this morning. U are indeed blessed with such a beautiful mind of imagination and writing.


  5. just found out you today and i spent my whole afternoon reading this series. Like everything is sooo on point. i just love it. sooo full of smiles. good work and looking forward to more of your work.


  6. I just finished the entire series. I started reading it after work, I almost missed my stop. I wasn’t even embarrassed when the man sitting beside me in the Trotro said something about youth and addiction to technology.

    I admit I feel a little silly for not reading the story earlier when I saw it on my fb timeline. Very nicely written. Well done Keni, you’re an inspiration to me.


  7. Found your blog on your sisters Facebook wall,and my curiosity led me here..Awesome story. Story feels more real than just fiction. More grease Charlie


  8. Nice I couldn’t stay away, I just had keep on till the end. You are a great writer and I loved every bit of the story…On to the next #KnowThyMan


  9. Wow…chanced on the blog last evening and i just can’t get enough. Just finished with Capital High and it was a great piece. you have a great gift Keni. Hope to read more.


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  11. Ei keni I have exams ooo…. Why are u doing this… 😨😨😨 finished this series today….. At d expense of my notes…… Kennnnniiiiii. Whyyy…. Oh Buh season 2 must come…… K didn’t kiss Akpene…. Habaaaa ….. I can so relate to the K,Akpene scene….. Almost like dejavu ampa. Hehehe


  12. Omg I don’t think words can describe how I feel. Its like watching a movie I can literally see pictures in my head displaying as I read. I love it love it love it.😘


      1. Sincerely you’re my inspiration. I could really use your help in building my blog too..I have all this stories pilled up inside me just don’t know how to go about typing it or making it interesting for people to read…don’t want to be called boring..please help I could really use a mentor..that is you I mean please😳


          1. Hy good evening keni, hope you’re good. Its been a while tho but I finally had the courage to just put my thoughts here can you please check it out and let me know what you think..thank you


  13. Not going to lie
    Everything was a bit better without faces
    Kwamena and akpene were so much different from what I imagined
    But I loved this I literally binge read it in maybe 30-45 minutes


  14. Wow. So I discovered you last night. With your Rona series. And I’ve been reading this series since 2 am. It’s 7:04 am right now. I had scheduled to pray and you captivated me (I’m sure The Holy Spirit enjoyed the reading too🙃). I must say you are a very talented writer😍. I would love to have a glimpse of your writing process. The way you describe things makes the reader not just read but feel emotions and live the moments like we are the camera of every scene.
    So yeah. My eyes are quite heavy right now…so let me not follow my desire to start a new series… can’t believe it’s been 4 years and I’m now knowing about your work. Need U say….I’m loving it!

    Ps: Sorry for the long comment…I think it’s because I read so much. 🤔


    1. Hello Elom! Welcome to the family! I am so glad you have discovered the stories and that you are enjoying them. Capital High is one of my personal favourites. Catch up on some sleep and your prayers, and head back whenever you can to finish the other stories. 😉 The way you described the stories is exactly what I want my readers to feel. Also, I love long comments 🙂


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