Lessons learnt From the KeniKodjo Story(Best blog of the year winner)

Humbled that someone can draw lessons from my experience..
Humbled-and honoured!

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FB_IMG_1464257617489 Photo Credit:Blogging Ghana

I had  the privilege to attend the 4th edition of the Blogging Ghana Awards which took place at the Chartered Institute of Bankers Hall, East Legon on 20th May 2016. The purpose of the awards ceremony was to award individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves in the field of blogging and Social Media. I must admit, this was one of the ceremonies that I didn’t regret attending because it was well organized and we were feted with a lot of sumptuous meals. I want to commend the organizers for a good job done. I can’t wait for the next edition just to come and satisfy my stomach to the fullest.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Typical of awards ceremonies, some individuals won multiple awards at this year’s #BloGH2016 awards.

FB_IMG_1464257871533 KeniKodjo displaying her awards. Photo Credit:AUNTIEOBOSHIE

One of the individuals who won big on the night and fascinated me was Maukeni…

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