Lessons 3 & 4 from the Kenikodjo story

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FB_IMG_1464340784929 Photo Credit: teamblackimage studios

I’m here to fulfill the promise I made yesterday to continue with the lessons that could be learned from the KeniKodjo story.Before I do that, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who read the post,especially the amazing keni kodjo  readers. I’ve never received such traffic on my blog like yesterday. It shows how much you appreciate and love what she’s doing.

Let’s now get back to the lessons from her story

The 2nd lesson that could be learned from the KeniKodjo story is;

FB_IMG_1464340804748 Poetra Asantewaa, MC at the recent Blogging Ghana Awards.Photo Credit:teamblack image studios

The world entirely, sincerely and completely doesn’t give a hoot about who you are but the value you offer . (Poetra Asantewaa,2016). This profound statement was made by Poetra Asantewaa at the TEDxAccra Master Class program and it has been gnawing at my conscience  since then. An…

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