Inspired by an Instagram quote. 

I don’t think I want to imagine a time when I won’t be in love with you, or you with me.

I will love you until I have become a part of you, and you of me,

Until it is impossible to draw a line to show where you end and I begin,

Because we will be two and yet one.

I will stay with you,

Right by your side,

All day,

Every day.

We’ll work through it together- this life.

I will cheer for you from the sidelines, as you run this race,

And if you fall, I will be there to pick you up,

I’ll stay by your side until you heal,

Until you are ready to run again.

I’ll be your best friend, your cheerleader, your Dr Phil, your sounding board, your critic, your let’s-stay-indoors-all-day-and-do-nothing-partner, your let’s-eat-ice-cream-and-biscuits-at-3am-partner.

I will know all your insecurities and weaknesses, and love you anyway;

Thankful that you trust me enough to let me in,

Thankful that you trust me to remain by your side and not judge you.

And if you ever have to leave, I’ll leave my mark on you.

Imprinted so deep in your soul that it will be impossible to wipe off.



The ‘wanovakind’ kind of bond😉

I’ll be there,

A part of you,

Forever and always.

33 thoughts on “Indelible

  1. Pls can I steal it n send to my Bae.? I asked first.!! No editing n i will say I wrote it.. Hehehehee
    Chale dis girl..! U will go places.!! Bam.!!


  2. Awwww Keni……this is soooo great. I couldn’t have gotten any better words for
    I owe u,Keni. Than soooo much. Mmuuaah!


  3. Wow this is amazingly beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes- the good kind! Lol. I pray for more of this kind of love around 😊.


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