8 to 5 Ep07: For better, for best

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing? This week’s episode is dedicated to Naa Awula and Sarah Christian for getting married, and Nuerki A-B, just because you are awesome. May God bless your marriages! Birthday shoutouts to Dionne, Kwor First Lady,  Harry and Anna Lisa! December is finally here! I love Christmas and I can’t wait for the election to be over so that we can fully enjoy the birth of Christ. Allow me to give you heads up- next week’s episode will delay quite a bit because we need to capture the election in the story. It will be epic- I can just sense it. 

Happy reading, guys! Don’t forget to let me know what you think on social media with the hashtag #8to5. 

‘Add a little curry to the eggs before you fry it. It will give the omelette an interesting flavour.’

For all her mother’s flaws, she was a fantastic cook. Cooking together was the only thing they seemed to be able to do without fighting- about Dad or these days, Akwasi. In the kitchen, all arguments were put on hold. They worked in perfect harmony, with synchronized movements like surgeons performing a complicated surgery.

Maame Esi smiled and did what she had been told to do. She lifted the cover of the pan her angwamo* was sitting in. The smells of the salted beef, onions and green peas hit her.

‘Your patients should see you now- eating ‘oil rice’ with beef and eggs and corned beef. Cause of death: Cholesterol. ‘

‘I think they would be more surprised to discover that my no nonsense mother, the Almighty Dr Osam, is giving me tips on how to make the meal more delicious.’

‘Well, I can’t have substandard food coming out of my kitchen, can I?’

Maame Esi laughed.

Her mother treated her kitchen like a shrine. She cleaned it religiously. Nothing stayed in her sink for more than 10 minutes. She called it ‘clean as you cook.’ The chopping board was washed and rinsed seconds after chopping the cloves of garlic, the counter wiped after every 20 minutes. Every evening, she cleaned her stove with warm water and soap. If someone told you that her stove was about 7 years old, you would not have believed it. It looked like it was only a month old; the chrome still sparkled like it had just been brought home from the store.

‘This way, you don’t have the burden of cleaning the kitchen when you are done cooking.’

Today, cooking was helping Maame Esi keep her mind off that conversation- the one she had had with Edem.

There was something about the way he had said ‘someone like you’ the other day. He was passionate about it, a little too passionate, to be honest. She also saw him searching her face for a reaction but she had had many years of practice concealing her facial reactions from people. It was one of the things that made her a good doctor- her ability to smile when a patient was panicking, even when she was also panicking with him.

She put a little of the shitɔ in a small frying pan to warm it a bit. Everything else was ready.

‘Let’s eat.’

Maku could smell the scented candles even before she turned the key in the lock. Her favourite playlist of lovey dovey songs were softly playing in the background. Bob Marley was crooning out of the speakers.

I want to give you some love
I want to give you some good, good loving
Oh I, oh I, oh I
Yeah, I want to give you some good, good loving

The house was ‘dead silent’- for a home with a child in it. Robert had either put their son to sleep already or he had sent him off to her mother’s place. He had really put in the effort. She could smell the kenkey and the chicken wings. She laughed softly. When she had texted back to say she wanted soft Ga kenkey, she knew that he would probably be frustrated because he didn’t really like kenkey.

‘Hi baby. How was work?’, he said, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

‘Work was okay. I am just glad we are here together though.’

‘Me too, Maku. Me too.’

Robert waited for her to eat her heart out before talking. She picked up the last chicken wing and asked him if he wanted it. He shook his head.

‘So I was hoping we could have an honest conversation about everything.’

‘Mmhm, I am all ears.’

A part of her was low key hoping that the conversation would end up in the bedroom.

It had been a really long time.

It was just 3 weeks, but for the two of them, 3 weeks was a long time.

‘I am sorry that I have been a jerk lately. You are a great woman and you don’t deserve that. Any man will be lucky to have a wife like you- boss chick slaying in the streets, sheets and everywhere she finds herself. Remember our wedding day?’

Of course she remembered. She remembered everything.

She remembered her overpriced wedding gown, the 8 tier red velvet and white chocolate cake from Dream Desserts, the embroidered towels from China, the pink dresses for the little brides, everything.

She remembered the way Robert looked at her as she walked down the aisle, as though he wanted to rip the Vera Wang wedding gown off her right before the altar. She remembered the sermon the pastor with the thick Ewe accent- ‘If you love each other, you will put each other first.’ She remembered the way her shoes were pinching her toes, how her page boy refused to sit in one place and kept running up and down the aisle. She remembered everything.

‘Yes, I remember.’

‘We promised to help each other work through everything and that is the basis of my appeal to you. You remember how our lives changed when Manuel was in your tummy. Our marriage is still suffering from that period of our lives. We are now learning to how to rebuild this marriage. Can you imagine why the news of another child is not particularly exciting?’

Maku could see where he was heading with this line of argument but she kept quiet, waiting for him to finish.

‘We need to help each other. Maku, our marriage won’t survive another child this soon, take it from me. A man has needs, so does a woman. Our needs were hijacked by the arrival of Manuel. He is a true gift but his parents have suffered. You don’t undress in front of me anymore because you have become self-conscious about how you look. You spend all your time taking care of Manuel. Maku, there is a reason why I married a Krobo woman. I needed a woman who will be open to sexual adventures. We haven’t been there for a long time. I see you also suffering. That is why I am asking you to help me. Help me keep our wedding vows’

His voice broke.

‘I think we should abort the baby. I am not saying this from a selfish point of view. I am saying it from our marriage’s point of view.

‘Have you lost your mind? How can you ask me to abort our child? How can you be so callous? This is not the man I married.’

‘Maku, you are not the woman I married either. And I am not saying that maliciously. We have changed. Another baby will change us even more drastically. Can’t you see that?’

‘All I hear you saying is ‘kill our child’. How can you be so selfish? How can you push me to choose between you and our child? Did I make this child alone? All you are thinking about is your sexual pleasure. You, you, you. What happened to us? What happened to for better, for worse?’

‘We went past worse a long time ago. We are way past worse. I need you to look at this objectively. Don’t think about this emotionally.I can’t emphasize this enough- there are three things a man needs- respect, food and sex. Not necessarily in that order. Sex is central to a man’s existence.’

‘Well, you chose the wrong time to play Mr Objective. My hormones are messing me up. I need you to be supportive, not selfish. It looks like all you want is for better, for best. Robert, it doesn’t work like that. I am not aborting this baby. If you choose to leave because of your own child, that is on your head. I will not put an innocent child’s blood on my hands for your sexual gratification.’

He looked at her for a long time. Then he picked up his car keys and walked out.

‘I am going out for a drive. Don’t stay up.’

Last days are dangerous.

His auntie had always told him that, but this election had proven it even more.

Joseph sighed inwardly.

He could already hear the boys laughing at him.

‘Ei Footsoldier of life. You have been tweeting and retweeting your heart out for the last 6 or so months. You have been defending the NDC like your life depends on it. You have never seen JDM before. He has never acknowledged you or thanked you for your service. And yet, Bugri Naabu has received a car and GH500,000! Chai! JM is doing wonders!’

He wasn’t particularly bothered about the money or the car. He didn’t really believe the rumours the NPP was peddling around. Everyone would say anything to win.

Ben Ephson’s polls had given him and the other boys some hope.

Some of the boys were already planning what to do with their ‘winning bonuses’.

He was really hoping to get a scholarship to go abroad to study in two years’ time. An NPP government wasn’t going to help him much. Rumour had it that his account and those of several NDC boys had been flagged by the NPP leadership.

The debate was happening later that evening. Even he knew two things:

  • The debate will not translate into votes. People have already made up their minds as to who to vote for.
  • Nduom will win the debate. JDM was in power so it was easy to point out his shortcomings, something Nduom will not hesitate to do. The other candidates were just there to fulfill democratic righteousness.

He watched one of the graphic designers putting finishing touches to the ‘Thank you Ghana’ billboard artwork. John Mahama was a confident man. He was already working on the victory publicity.

Joseph sighed again.

He was tired, so were most of the boys on the team. He was silently praying that the elections won’t end up in a run off. He didn’t have the emotional strength for another round of campaigning.

But victory was coming. Victory had better come, it had been a long road.

Edem tried to drown out the man who was presenting the report. Today wasn’t a good day for him. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

His phone kept buzzing incessantly. At first, he thought it was the boys talking about something nonfa* on the group chat. He was wrong. It was Mawuli calling him.

‘It’s Grams. She collapsed in her bedroom this morning.’

‘Which hospital? I am on my way.’

Grabbing his car keys, he picked up his briefcase and his phone charger and stormed out of the office.

Assessment or not, everything else could wait.

Grams needed him.

See you next week!

P.S: Guys, does Robert’s argument make sense? Girls, what would you do in Maku’s position?

*angwamo- rice cooked with oil

*nonfa- unimportant

66 thoughts on “8 to 5 Ep07: For better, for best

  1. Great Keni!this came just in time😅 I can go to bed now
    P.S :- no In my opinion Robert is being selfish. His reasons for an abortion are entirely based on sexual pleasures. He’s thinking of just himself and not considering the consequence of this action. I hope Maku doesn’t give in.
    Will be waiting for the next episode!!!😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He has no case whatsoever! Sex isn’t the reason for marriage it’s a benefit you derive from it, yes you both have needs but to kill a child??your child? No way! and God permitted the pregnancy so the baby has purpose… why on earth would you want to terminate it and have to deal with Him! He’s lucky the kenkey was soft I would have thrown it to hit his head maybe his brain needed a reboot!!! Lol jk

    Liked by 5 people

  3. He said she should be objective. Their marriage was suffering after the first unplanned child. Another… I don’t agree with his solution though and there was no need to voice it out loud. Too many abortions these days

    Liked by 1 person

  4. When he was putting the baby in Maku’s belly, he forgot his future needs will be jeopardised….. He should change his confessions to “I CAN think far!”, because clearly Nkansah Liwin’s version has cost him a lot!

    Ei! Maame Esi too oh! She read Edem like one of her anatomy textbooks! 😀 😀

    Keni no ‘love triangle’ things ooo!!

    Great job!! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. “The reason I married a krobo woman”.(so we krobos are sexual beings ennhh?)
    This Robert enhhh…he’s not serious. So because of your sexual pleasure an innocent baby should die?… Aaaahhh infact some men paaaaa!


  6. Why I’m I not surprised about Robert’s suggestion. I just knew where all that lovey dovey stuff was going. Unfortunately I see and hear these things a lot in my ministry. Majority of the time the guys come around when they see the baby but by then the women are scared from the selfishness and callousness. Robert is a jerk!!! He needs a rewind of his head. Maku don’t even look at him.. Get on with your life nine months will soon pass.. What a lousy reason for marrying…. Krobo girl indeed… Is she an object… Keni great work.


  7. Great way to start Thursday. The Krobo lady part though 😂. Robert doesn’t understand the ‘us’ in marriage. He doesn’t appreciate what he has.
    Keni please don’t let Grams die o.


  8. When you can’t believe it’s the same person you married… People simply don’t get it, vows are wayyyyyyyy different from promises, Robert obviously doesn’t know that… I agree the kenkey should have been hard so he’s knocked out with it… Please Grams should get well already, countdown to next week.


  9. Robert ..is just some selfish dude….
    Maku should be careful..who knows her soft kenkey might be laced with some concoction…
    How soon can we kill Robert…


  10. grams!!! no i hope its nothing serious… and for Robert hes a disgrace to a few of sensible guys. kill for pleasure, pleasure that doesn’t last for an hour. indeed his mind needs some reboot. i only hope change his mind on that, else this marriage will break down.
    thanks Keni, more grease to your elbow. cont stay bless.


  11. well in Maku’s case, I’m not aborting, especially when I’m married and there’s no complication? Well Edem would have to have patience and get his gratification as and when its ok to….after all being pregnant doesn’t mean he cant have sex.
    kudos, Keni…keep it coming.


  12. Robert’s argument is “nonfa”. What does he think marriage is all about?
    Maku was patient enough to hear him out and I hope she has the strength to do what her heart tells her.
    Granted, Robert was man enough to voice what he was thinking. At least she doesn’t have to put up with pretence.He is a selfish man, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I saw this abortion thing coming right from day 1, with all this sudden niceness. Robert is just mean Keni! Apart from the fact that he’s going to kill the baby, Maku could die from complications. Maku is soo right not to want to go through with his suggestions. its better to live a single life with your children than to live a tormented, guilt filled sexually active life that may die down one day anyway


  14. Awww Keni, this piece appears to be one of the longest…and I loved every bit of it. Clearly I can’t stay a silent reader anymore. The way you weave in the politics though, lol amazing….eager to read next week’s piece.

    PS: Robert is being selfish; but I kind of feel sorry for him, and Maku too. Only i don’t think abortion is the ultimate solution, that’s just heartless. Please keeps Grams alive…at least till Edem finds “the one”:)


  15. I love the snow I met when I opened the page. It gave me a Christmas feel lool. Anyway, I do not agree with Robert one bit. i totally understand his sexual needs but goodness, abortion is not an option. Pregnancy does not even mean the death of sex in marriage. They should both find a way to deal with the problem by talking to someone more experienced in marriage issues or something. I loved the episode though.


  16. It has been a long wait!!
    Honestly, is that what Krobo women have been reduced to? Sex objects? oh mini sane po ji nor? Anyway, Robert can go kiss the devil for all i care! he has no consideration for his wife. the pregnancy has already happened. it will not last forever. it is not like you have planned not to have any more children but rather a matter of wrong timing. why not sacrifice and see your children born/? what if any complications arise and she cannot give him any more children? would he be content with the Krobo sex? or he would go out to make himself more babies? Maku dawg ammmmm!!! pay him no attention. Keep your baby and take care of them.

    Up Keni!! cant wait for the next episode.


  17. They need counseling(intimacy counseling), there r interesting but healthy positions a pregnant ‘couple’ can explore☺️😬


  18. #myfirstevercomment #comingoutoftheshadows lmao
    This was really great Keni. I would have had the same reaction as Maku. But this really makes me think about marriage and the reasons why we get into it. You can never truly know your partner unless grace chale


  19. Not at all. His argument does not make sense kraaa! You cannot just kill an innocent child, you are responsible for, so you can be satisfied sexually.


  20. Hmm….this ice cream and lovey dovey songs didn’t end up exactly where maku expected it to be….I feel sorry for her….n I can imagine…. I think my husband and I would just go n see a counsellor if it was me….cos clearly…. He doesn’t want the baby…. N I have a crush on Edem….🙈🙈


  21. So all that recipe n kitchen tips…should I put mummy there. Anyway tell granny Edem can’t do without her so she should pls hold on. Gye wu two


  22. Ei ei ei! Robert paaa! My heart sank when I saw his argument! Isn’t it this same sex that brought about the two children they’re fighting over?! He better find a real solution 😼


    1. Ufuomaee, I can’t wait to hear you pronounce your name! Awww thank you for making the time to read the story. I have no idea where the story is going so I can’t comment on the betrayal 🙈😂

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Robert has no case.
    He says he’s not being selfish but in actual sense he is. He is only thinking about being deprived sexually.
    I think Maku’s reaction was perfectly right and normal and she should stand by what she said


  24. Ikr! @ Mandy. I just thought the same thing;Robert is another version of Prosper😬. I think Robert is not addressing the issue by asking for an abortion. I bet he still won’t be satisfied even after that. Krobo girls though😏, we won’t talk. Keni😍


  25. Robert is definitely being selfish, and his position is bogus. His talk makes it too obvious he’s focused mainly on the sex. But there’s more to marriage than having those desires fulfilled. Besides, they can still have the child and have a healthy sex life. No reason why one should be pitched against the other. Smh.


  26. Robert is just selfish to honest. If he truly loved his wife he wouldn’t tell her to do what he’s asking. What if maku dies in the process or she doesn’t have anymore kids. He’s not thinking with his head to be honest lol


  27. Somehow I just knew that was what he had in mind. And I was proved right. Lol.
    He is being selfish and unchristian.
    He should be thinking of ways they can adjust to make the best of the situation.


  28. Robert is unbelievable…then again, I can relate in a totally different way. When you expect good news and the rug is pulled from under your feet. I pray Maku survives this.


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